Custom Foot Orthotics

foot orthotics traverse cityCustom foot orthotics are medical devices prescribed by a foot and ankle specialist. These shoe inserts, which support and align the foot and lower extremities, are formed by making a plaster model of the foot.  Appointments for custom orthotics typically take 30-40 minutes. We will make plaster casts of your feet and send them to California for the devices to be made by skilled orthotists.

In about three weeks, you will return to the office to pick up your orthotics (for an additional fee, we can reduce the turnaround time to one week). When you come to be fitted with your new foot orthotics, please bring a comfortable, supportive shoe for testing them in our office.

Our foot orthotics are produced by ProLab. We use this lab because it produces exceptional foot orthotics. It is run by leaders in the biomechanics field who believe in evidence-based medicine.  It was here that the “think tank” has existed for the last 30 years that has revolutionized the non-surgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions.

For more information about foot care for athletes, please visit our Sports Medicine page.

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