Mission Statement: Foot Specialist

We will exceed our patients’ expectations with a compassionate, professional, and friendly experience in our state of the art medical facility. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of specialized care for foot and ankle problems.

DSC_0584Foot specialist Dr. Stych believes in a patient-centered approach to foot and ankle care. Learning and using the best medical and surgical solutions to difficult conditions is what drives Dr. Stych to excel in treating patients. He uses the latest medical technology, a staff that has obtained certification in Podiatric Medicine, and continual quality improvement to stay at the forefront of his profession.

Once we get to know you, we will provide you with a diagnosis, explain your condition, and give you reasonable treatment options for your foot and ankle care. We will guide you through your treatment and coordinate your care with your primary doctor and other specialists, all while reevaluating you and your condition. We will provide education to you because we know that patients that are educated are more successful in resolving their foot pain.